I grew up in Portugal; a land of granite, gigantic rocks, ravines, waterfalls, bays and reservoirs. As a child, I played in the fairy tale-like castles of acquaintances of my parents. After returning to the Netherlands, my grandmother taught me how to paint and my mother showed me the technique of modeling and making moulds. 

I then started making sculptures and art objects as an independent entrepreneur. During that time, I learnt a lot about all kinds of materials that inspired me.
I was raised by the past, and found my inspiration and everlasting wonder in it.

From the past, I started innovating, such as the composition of different materials like cement, marble and pigments. The past kept returning to my future. I was mainly inspired by the Renaissance, with its monumental buildings and ruins.

After a very free creative period, I started as an interior design consultant and also took care of the full execution of these projects. I continued to innovate,
inspired by the magical power of old stones that I tried to apply in new forms. And now I know: the ultimate strength of a new and innovative product with an old soul is all about the appearance of the chosen materials; old stone in a new form. The stone is pressed, re-formed and then suddenly regains its ancient shape and appearance.

I carried out and tested my workpieces in a wellness project. This required quite a few modifications, because the stones were laid directly on the wooden floor. During that project, everyone fell in love with my stone floor, and I fell in love with the owner’s daughter.

Castle Stones is now a fact.

Maurits Simonette

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