Inspired by the Renaissance, ancient ruins and monumental atmospheres these exclusive, handmade stones are manufactures in an innovative way. Castle Stones let us relive the atmospheres of old.

Castle Stones offer
enormous advantages
natural stone tiles.

- Castle Stones are extremely lightweight, making them very suitable for use in (old) apartments and monumental buildings.

- Castle Stones are easy to handle during transport, cutting and laying. 

- Castle Stones can also, with the right preparation, be installed over wooden floors or 

function as wall coverings.

- Castle Stones are resilient so they move slightly with the subfloor.

- Castle Stones are extremely thin, between 6 and 8mm.

Castle Stones floors are available in ten different models: Dallen, Dallen Paris, Loft, Bricks, Big Bricks, Oak Bricks, French Bricks, Cobble Stones, Terra Stones and Versailles and each in 11 colour combinations.

"  The ultimate power of a new and innovative product with an old soul has everything to do with the appearance of the right selected materials; old rock in a new form. The stone is pressed, reformed and suddenly gets back its original shape and appearance. "

The Castle Stones stones developed by Maurits Simonette are handmade reproductions of original antique marble and limestone tiles from historic Flemish, French and Italian mansions, villas, castles, monasteries and churches. Inspired by the Renaissance, ancient ruins and monumental atmospheres these exclusive, handmade stones are innovatively moulded from marble powder, high-quality cement and colour pigments, among other things. The Castle Stones stones are optically hard to distinguish from the antique floor coverings. These stones can be used as floor and 

wall tiles. They are also suitable for toilet areas and floors with floor heating. Thanks to their special optics, Castle Stones bricks are very suitable for entrance halls, toilet areas, fireplaces and wine cellars. Castle Stones are extremely light and thin, between 6 and 8 mm, so they are specifically used in existing homes and listed buildings. All tiles and stones are easy to maintain and fully colour-proof. Because everything is handmade, each laid surface is unique. In 2006, Maurits laid his first floor in a wellness centre with great success. He still knows these people and they are still very satisfied with their floor.


The ten different models are sold worldwide by exclusive interior design shops, tile shops and architects. The original Castle Stones are just a small example of the variety of possibilities available with this special material and production process.

We develop marble cement stone structures with a natural look and feel in many different types and shapes. The possibilities and applications are endless. Think of outdoor applications, 3D structures and facade cladding.

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